Our Heritage & Legacy

Khari Baoli Wale has been providing high quality of dry fruits, nuts, berries and seeds since 1920. We offer these nutritive foods at reasonable prices to suit your convenience and naturally aim to become your ideal choice.

What makes us stand out in this industry is in our root of understanding theimportance of serving the right balanced diet to our customers.

Since we come from the streets of old Delhi that is knowingly famous for its natural products, our vision is committed to fill in your nutritional basket and be at the forefront of being the best nutrition food providers.

Traditionally Sourced Dryfruits From Their True Origins

Rooted in tradition and progressive by nature, at Khari Baoli Wale we aim that the freshest and best tasting dryfruits are selectively imported from USA, Iran, Afghanistan, UAE & Other Countries to procure only the highest quality dryfruits in India

Bringing the Global Superfood to a one stop solution

With India being the largest consumer of Kaju & Badam, Khari Baoli Wale, has consistently aimed for highest quality dryfruits to be sourced, sorted, packed & made accessible at the most central location & India’s Largest wholesale market which is Khari Baoli.

Quality is our Legacy. Selection Is the Art.

At Khari Baoli Wale, While the packaging processes are modern, the preparation of the product still follows age-old, labour intensive techniques.

All our dryfruits are “ Hand-Picked” in the traditionally old fashioned way, to ensure a high purity consistency while discarding more than more than 40% of low quality yield.

Creating the Ease for a transforming INdia

To uniquely standout in the market space, we have brought ease in identifiying the right quality as having the right “ pehchan” has been a part of our legacy of 100 years in the market. We aim to simplify and bring comfort to the customer to be able to order and eat a high quality assortment of dryfruits.

DElivered From Our Hearts To Your Hands Anywhere in INDia

Khari Baoli Wale is India’s First Home-Delivery Platform for 100% Natural & Pure Dryfruits. Currently delivering more than 50+ varieties of dryfruits to over 50,000+ Households in the Delhi NCR region, Our increasingly vast network of hubs allows us to delivery anywhere Pan-India while still maintaining most intricate attention to detail of the delivery as well as the product.